David Kim taught me yoga for four years. He changed my life as his kind, careful, and precise tuition gave me the confidence and impetus to make practicing yoga a daily joy. I'm forever grateful.

-Michael Apted, Director ("The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader")

I have had the privilege of working privately with David for over a year. After a debilitating back injury, I had to completely stop all yoga. Through David's patience, insight, guidance, and skills, we have been able to create a practice that not only improved my strength, but also challenged me in ways that were very helpful. I have been so grateful for his flexibility, dedication, and friendship. His serenity and knowledge of the practice are a gift to any student fortunate enough to work with him.

-Kira Davis, Producer, Alcon Entertainment

David Kim is the ideal yoga instructor, pairing a precise knowledge of alignment and physiology with a vibrant, engaging teaching style. His classes are active and challenging, but still manage to be fun, thanks to his light, easy humor. His grace and compassion elevate the practice of every student he reaches.

-Sean Smith, L.A. Bureau Chief, "Entertainment Weekly"

David Kim is a calm, knowledgeable, judgment-free source of well-being. He is simply fantastic!

-Vanessa Morrison, President, Fox Animation

David Kim is a naturally gifted yoga instructor. His classes are balanced, creative, strong, attentive to health and alignment, spiritual yet grounded, and fun. Because of his encouragement and clear instruction, I am able to do arm balances and inversions I never thought I'd be able to do, and he supports my progress and enthusiasm. But he also reminds me to be gentle with myself and release the need for achievement, which helps me relax and enjoy each class. David is aware of the individual needs of each yogi and yet also maintains a communal, friendly atmosphere. He has a kind, compassionate heart, and I am deeply grateful for his contributions to my yoga practice and therefore my life.

-Lauri Mattenson, UCLA Lecturer

David is not only inventive and creative in his flow and transitions, but has a gift of tuning into the physical and emotional needs of his students. The energy in his class offers pure freedom and joy.

-Jenny Cowen, long-time student

David is an expert at blending smart and creative sequencing with encouragement and enlightenment; it results in a fun atmosphere and makes you want to keep coming back for more.

-Amy Doyle, long-time student